Ludacris Donates To App That Connects Incarcerated Parents To Their Kids


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This week, tech innovator Jay'Aina Patton and her father, Antoine Patton, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about their app, Photo Patch. The app works to connect incarcerated folks with their children through photos and other forms of communication. In addition, Jay'Aina Patton hopes that as the app evolves to help out more families, she can also get more young Black women involved in tech.

“Right now, I’m on a mission to help 10,000 girls of color get into the world of tech and start their career path,” she told DeGeneres, according to AfroTech.

“Just for me, there’s not much representation of people who look like me in the world of tech and I know other little girls want to get into this world. They don’t see that they can do it. So, I want to be that guide and help them do it — and just start them off with their career. I actually have a scholarship fund as well that we’re raising awareness for to help these women and girls start their career.”

For some time now, the Pattons have worked to get their app and program to the next level. Now, Ludacris is pitching in to elevate the app.

“I love what you guys are doing,” Ludacris told the father-daughter duo.

“[I] absolutely love what you’re doing. I have family members that are incarcerated and all they ever ask for is pictures. You guys are connecting the world. I have my own foundation that helps facilitate dreams for young ladies like yourself. I came here personally because I want to donate $10,000 to what you’re doing.”

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