White Teacher Quits After Going On Racist Rant, Saying N-Word In Class

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A Texas teacher quit his job after he was caught on tape using the N-word and trying to justify why there needs to be a white history month.

Norman Grueneich taught theater arts for 14 years at Kleins Collins High School in Spring, Texas before allegedly making racist and homophobic remarks to students in a debate about race and history.

"Why don't we have a white history month talking about what Irish people went through?" Gueneich can reportedly be heard saying in the video. "Because we're white, and it's a white privilege, right? That's what I'm saying."

A student replied to the teacher, stating that what he described would be called Irish History Month before the conversation took a turn towards racial slurs and who gets to use them.

"I don't know, why do the guys in my class say, 'Man n––g you crazy?' the teacher says. "Why do they say that, and why is it because I'm a white guy I can't say that? That's the way they talk right?"

At one point in the video, Grueneich says "there is no proof that Native Americans inherited the country."

Parents brought the video clip to school officials, who allegedly didn't take immediate action and instead attempted to downplay what was said by the educator.

"Mr. G, your words are an insult to every Black student, Latino student and Indigenous people," Quanell X, a local activist said during a news conference on Wednesday (October 13). "You attempted to intimidate these students by saying things that are outright disrespectful."

"This man is unfit, unqualified to be a teacher," he continued. "What I want to know is if there will be an investigation open to see what kind of grades he gave. Because if you have that kind of racist mindset, who knows what you're doing in the grade book."

Klein School District officials confirmed Grueneich resigned and offered counseling to students who were "impacted by this language."

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