Dave Chappelle Says He's Willing To Sit Down With Netflix Employees

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Dave Chappelle has seemingly responded to the ongoing outcry from Netflix employees and advocates who have called out the comedian over his latest special released on the platform.

Chappelle's team told TMZ he's willing to sit down for a conversation with the Netflix employees who staged a walkout on Wednesday (October 20) over his special, the company's response and treatment of trans and non-binary employees.

The walkout was organized by activist-journalist Ashlee Marie Preston after two employees, Terra Field and B. Pagels–Minor, were suspended and terminated, respectively, in connection to the special and their attempts to speak out.

The outlet reported that Preston said Chappelle "chose not to show up" to a conversation planned to discuss the special and its damage to the LGBTQ+ community. But, the comedian's team is saying he didn't get an invitation.

Chappelle's representatives told TMZ he would be willing to have an open dialogue if someone from Netflix reached out. They also pushed back against the claims that the comedian "didn't show up."

The protest, organizers said, goes beyond the special and is to support a work environment that affirms and supports the company's trans and non-binary staff members.

Protest organizers released a list of demands ahead of the walkout, that called on the company to make a number of changes. Read them here.

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