Howard Freshman Says Students Were Hospitalized Due To Poor Dorm Conditions

Howard University

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Student protest efforts have entered their second week at Howard University and unfortunately, things do not seem to be getting better. Students at the historic institution have accused the university of fostering a poor living-learning environment that does not include enough housing for students. Furthermore, many students who do have housing say that have witnessed rats in communal spaces and mold in dorms. Recently, a Howard University freshman by the name of Chandler Robinson documented the campus environment via social media.

Howard University freshman Chandler Robinson has gone viral on both Twitter and TikTok after posting a video documenting the climate on campus. According to the video, many of Robinson's friends have been pushed out of their rooms due to mold exposure. Robinson went on to explain that some students are even "coughing up blood" after being exposed to mold in their dorms.

Robinson's words have been echoed by dozens of other students, graduates and public figures. As the university's homecoming celebration nears, several artists that were scheduled to perform at or near the campus have taken time to stand in solidarity with the young students. Most notably, Big Fizzle, Big Scarr, Enchanting, Hotboy Wes and Bigwalk Dog of Gucci Mane's 1017 Records paused their HBCU tour to support the protest movement.

“We’re still here! Students you are the revolution. We are the revolution. This is not okay,” Big Scarr's manager wrote on Instagram, according to The Hill.

DMV Daily has also reported that Lil' Durk offered free tickets for the first 200 Howard University students to show up at his show on October 23. Meanwhile, thousands of supporters online continue to support students through crowd fundraising.

As temperatures drop and time passes, students leading the "Blackburn Takeover" protest movement are undeterred.

We’re not leaving until our four demands are met. There's no compromise," one student told FOX 5 in Washington, D.C.

"No school wants to be protested against, but it's not like we are out here because we want hot tubs in our dormitories; it's because we want livable conditions."

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