Dolphins Coach Brian Flores Cuts Down Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors

Brian Flores

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Despite missing the first seven weeks of the NFL season and facing nearly two dozen accusations of sexual misconduct, Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson appears to be the most sought-after asset in football. This week, multiple outlets have reported that the Philadelphia Eagles had "recent discussions" with the Texans about acquiring the quarterback. More recently, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported that the Miami Dolphins could land the quarterback as early as this week. With the trade deadline approaching, it appears that Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores is shooting those rumors down.

Flores met with reporters on Friday before an upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons. During the press conference, Flores reaffirmed his support for his team's starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

"I don't really get into rumors -- Tua is our quarterback," Flores said, according to ESPN.

"We're happy with the quarterback, our quarterback situation. I'll leave it at that, which I've said multiple times."

This is not the first time that Flores has expressed support for Tagovailoa and indirectly cut down trade rumors. After the young quarterback led the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots in the first week of the season, Flores called Tagovailoa "our quarterback."

"I think it means a lot with it coming from the head coach," Tagovailoa told reporters after hearing his coach's words of support.

"The support that I have from him and from the team, it means a lot."

The Dolphins have struggled since their first win of the season. They have lost five straight games and Tagovailoa has missed three games in that span. Despite these struggles, Flores and Dolphins are committed to their quarterback. As a result, Watson's future remains up in the air heading into the November 2 trade deadline.

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