Michael Jordan's Rookie Season Sneakers Set New Record At Auction

Photo: Getty Images

Michael Jordan is getting auction houses buzzing again, and this time it's not for a pair of his worn boxers.

The NBA legend's 1984 Nike Air Ships fetched a whooping nearly $1.5 million at Sotheby's on Sunday (October 24), setting a record for sneakers at the auction house.

These aren't just any sneakers either. According to NBC News, these pair of red and white, Bruce Kilgore-designed sneakers are believed to be the earliest known Nikes Jordan wore during a regular season game.

Sotheby's noted that the sneakers are specifically from Jordan's fifth ever NBA game he played during his rookie season.

Their sale for $1.472 million marks the first time a pair of sneakers broke the $1 million mark at an auction.Collector Nick Fiorella is now the owner of the one-in-a-million, signed sneakers.

"To present such a groundbreaking and important pair of sneakers at this special auction in Las Vegas further solidifies the strength and broad reach of the sneaker collecting community," Brahm Wachter, Sotheby's streetwear and modern collectibles head, told the outlet.

Sotheby's has only been selling sneakers since 2019. Last year, a pair of game-worn Nike Air Jordan 1 High from 1985 sold by Christie's had set the record.

Check out the sneakers below.

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