Boater Facing Accusations Of Racism Offers Head-Shaking Response

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"Florida man" strikes again! This week, a Florida resident by the name of Mark David Morgan was arrested after he allegedly broke boating guidelines and harassed Black citizens. He is now facing charges of of breaching the peace and trespassing after being giving a warning.

News 4 Jax reports that citizens would regularly hear Morgan shout racial slurs and espouse discriminatory rhetoric near the city pier in Green Cove, Florida.

"F------ n------," Morgan allegedly shouted at Black fisherman and nearby residents.

Police say Morgan's behavior "outraged the sense of public decency." First Coast News also reports that some citizens were so enraged by Morgan's alleged verbal assault that they threatened to shoot the boat he was operating.

As expected, Morgan's view on the matter is different. He disputes the accusation that he's a person that locals need to be protected from and claims that he is being targeted for his political beliefs.

“I am the last person that’s a racist. I have several Black friends,” Morgan told News 4 Jax.

However, those who have come in contact with him would disagree. Fisherman Brian Coleman told News 4 Jax that Morgan has said a number of "negative things particularly targeted toward Hispanic fishermen and families."

Morgan was also at the center of police report earlier this year. He was accused of driving a boat while under the influence of alcohol and then fleeing the scene to avoid a blood alcohol test.

“When he’s drinking he gets kind of belligerent and he’ll go from what I call zero to 100. And he’s been known to use racial slurs and call folks names,” Coleman added.

Moving forward, Morgan plans to fight these accusations despite a number of opposing accounts. Until the matter is resolved, he has been urged to stay away from the city pier.

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