Black Diversity Officer Loses Job Offer For Being 'Too Sensitive' To Racism

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A Black man was deemed "too sensitive" on racial injustice just before he was supposed to lead the diversity operations of a Houston hospital.

According to NBC News, Joseph B. Hill had received an offer to serve as Memorial Hermann's Chief Diversity Officer but lost the offer because the hospital said he was "too sensitive about race issues."

Hill told the outlet he was just four days away from starting at Memorial Hermann when he received a two-sentenced email.

"We regret to inform you that we are rescinding the offer of employment dated July 21, 2021. ... We appreciate your interest in the position and wish you much success going forward," the email reads, which Hill says he was shocked to received.

"It was a shock, to say the least," he said. "I was floored."

It took weeks for Hill's lawyer, Mark Oberti, to find out more information about what happened, which only further caught Hill off guard.

Apparently, despite over a dozen interviews over the course of six weeks, the hospital said Hill "wasn't a good fit."

The hospital told Oberti too that they weren't comfortable with Hill's request to hire more people for his team, a bigger relocation budget and said that he rented and charged a luxury car to the company, which Hill says is "false and nonsensical."

"The reasons they listed were just as shocking as rescinding the offer," Hill said, adding later that, "they didn't even contact me to discuss their so-called issues."

The hospital didn't respond the outlet's request about the situation with Hill but did say they're "recruiting for a Chief EDI Officer."

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