Twitter Is Confused After Ron DeSantis Says 'No Vaccine Mandate' In Schools

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It seems as though government officials in Florida are staying the course with their stance on vaccines, the state's school-aged children, and the pandemic –– we think.

In a video posted to Twitter on Saturday (October 30), Gov. Ron DeSantis said plainly that "there will be no vaccine mandate for children in our schools and the decision to vaccinate Florida's children will be left up to parents.

Some Twitter users wondered if the Republican leader meant every vaccine most states require for children to attend schools –– like the eradicated measles and polio and nearly-eradicated mumps–– or just the Covid-19 vaccine.

So the Black Information Network reached out to the governor's office for clarity. So far, we haven't heard back about what DeSantis exactly meant by "no vaccine mandate" in the state's schools.

Pfizer's one-third dose vaccine for children ages 5-11 was recently cleared by the FDA for emergency use. A CDC panel is continuing to review the data and is expected to vote on officially co-signing its use in children as early as Tuesday (November 2).

Florida has made headlines in the last two years of the pandemic, becoming an epicenter for the virus on multiple occasions while DeSantis threatened localities who enforced mask mandates.

Over the summer, a public library in the Sunshine State was converted to accommodate a surge of Covid-19 patients as the Delta variant ripped through the country.

To learn more about the Covid-19 vaccine, please click here.

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