Jesse Jackson Heads Back To Howard After Being Released From Hospital

Photo: Getty Images

Rev. Jesse Jackson was released from the hospital early Wednesday morning (November 3) after falling and hitting his head at Howard University.

The 80-year-old civil rights leader was at the campus meeting with students and administrators amid a weeks-long protest of the school's living conditions when he fell and was taken to Howard University Hospital.

Jackson's most recent hospital stay isn't keeping him down. According to a statement, the reverend is headed back to the DC campus to continue working on negotiations between students and Howard President Wayne A.I. Frederick.

"After bringing the students and the school administrators together, Rev. Jackson said there was much progress made yesterday and that he is going back today to help resolve their differences," a statement says, CNN reported.

When Jackson arrived at the hospital, he underwent several tests including a CT scan which reportedly came back normal. He was kept overnight for observation.

Jackson and his wife, Jacqueline Jackson were hospitalized in August after testing positive for Covid-19. Rev. Jackson, who has Parkinson's Disease, was admitted to a rehab facility to go through physical therapy after his bout with the virus.

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