Ye Slams The #MeToo Movement As '1984 Mind-Control'

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As the sun set on Thursday evening, the world of music and entertainment went into a frenzy. Aminé, Summer Walker, Terrace Martin, Key Glock and several others dropped new projects. The Weekend, Post Malone, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak delivered singles. Not to mention, Snoh Aalegra is opening up ticket sales for her upcoming tour and Jay-Z's The Harder They Fall is in theaters. In the midst of all that was going on, one man by the name of Ye cut through it all.

On Thursday night, Ye made his first appearance on Drink Champs with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. During the 2.5 hour echo chamber, Ye talked about everything in the world of music ranging from his most recent album, Donda, to his back-and-forth with Drake. He also took a few shots at his former collaborators, Big Sean and John Legend. With that said, the Chicago native spent the majority of time talking about things that extended beyond a studio or a single. Most notably, he returned to an incident that took place a few months ago. At one of his final Donda listening sessions in Chicago, Ye invited DaBaby, who had recently made homophobic remarks, and Marilyn Manson, who is facing several allegations of sexual assault. His decision to bring those artists to his event drew criticism and the Chicago native felt that people were trying to "cancel" him.

“All the #Me Too—like, when I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, right after both of them got canceled, for five songs, you know, it’s like they can’t cancel a song,” Ye told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN.

“They’ll hit you with the accusations or somebody who you was with 10 years ago. And also, there’s women who’ve been through very serious things, pulled in alleys against they will—that’s different than a hug, but it’s classified as the same thing. It’s power and politics. You know, power-hungry maniacs and just control. This is 1984 mind-control we’re in.”

Ye did not stop there. He also discussed a matter that has followed him for years now, his support for Donald Trump. In a few words, he confirmed that he's still a supporter of the former reality show host.

“I still got a red hat on today. I’ll let y’all know that," he said.

"I might not got it on, but I’ll let y’all know where I stand."

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