Officer Testifies Neighbor 'Cornered' Ahmaud Arbery Before He Was Killed

Ricky Minshew

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The trial of the three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery resumed for second day after an eventful first day. Monday's court proceedings centered around the testimony of one man by the name of Rick Minshew. Minshew was the first Glynn County Police officer to arrive at scene of the shooting.

According to USA Today, Minshew told the court that Arbery "appeared to be deceased" when he arrived on the scene. When asked how he determined that Arbery was deceased, he said that he heard Arbery make a sound that he described as a "death rattle." However, USA Today reports that Minshew "did not have the adequate medical training" to examine Arbery's medical condition further. He added that he didn't have any medical supplies with him either.

Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, was disturbed by Minshew's reaction to her son's physical condition. While she acknowledged that the officer had to control the crime scene, Cooper-Jones doesn't understand why Arbery wasn't given immediate medical assistance.

"I understand he had to go and secure the crime scene but, at the same time, he had a guy laying in the middle of the road in a pool of blood," Cooper-Jones said, according to USA Today.

As Minshew's testimony went on, he turned his attention to William "Roddy" Bryan, one of the three men charged with Arbery's death. The former police officer testified that Bryan had attempted to corner Arbery "several" times with his car before he was shot and killed.

"He did mention on several occasions 'blocking,' and one time he said 'cornering him in,'" Minshew said.

Despite Bryan's admission that he was involved in the incident, Minshew said that Bryan was "cooperative" and initially considered a witness in the trial. As a result, he, George McMichael and Travis McMichael were allowed to leave the crime scene without being arrested.

In addition to hearing Minshew's testimony, jurors were also presented with photos of the crime scene. Several different photos showed Arbery laying lifeless on the ground while wearing bloodstained clothes. USA Today reports that jurors "squirmed" as they viewed photos.

Also, Glynn County investigator Sheila Ramos presented a piece of evidence from the shooting. Ramos presented a photo from the crime scene that showed a bullet had gone through neighbor's window.

"Wow," Cooper Jones said after seeing Ramos' photo, according to USA Today.

Court proceedings are set to pick up again on Tuesday morning.

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