'Karen Mom And Son Duo' Caught On Video Assaulting Black Worker

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A viral video shows a "Karen" mother-son duo tag teaming an assault on Black man who was working at a parking garage of a Nashville apartment complex.

The footage was posted to YouTube on Sunday (November 28) by Johnny Martinez, the Black man in the video, and starts off showing the mother and son questioning Martinez who says he was checking parking permits of the apartment complex's garage. In the video, his work ID lanyard, knee pads, and headlamp are all visible.

"What do you want to know about what I'm doing in here?" Martinez, says at the beginning of the video.

"We just want to know what your job is and why ––" the woman starts to say.

"None of your business," the worker replies back. Seconds later, the woman's son says, "Call the cops on him."

An argument ensues between the two parties, where the mother-son duo repeatedly demand Martinez's ID and eventually escalates to what appears to be a physical altercation between the worker and son.

After the assault, the mother-son appear to call the police, but eventually leave the garage. Martinez captioned the video stating that he waited for Metro PD for 40 minutes and filed a report against them.

"I will be pressing charges," Martinez wrote. "The Karen had also called the police and conveniently left out the fact her son assaulted me."

"For the record," Martinez added. "When they first engaged me I had told them I was working and had my ID hanging off my neck. They knew what I was doing and wanted to demean me by telling me I didn't belong and trying to force me to show them ID."

On Reddit, Martinez noted that he's scheduled to go to the District Attorney's office on December 1 to officially fill out the forms to bring charges against the two.

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