Here's Why Antonio Brown Was Suspended But Aaron Rodgers Gets To Play

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown was among three players temporarily suspended by the NFL this week after an investigation revealed Covid-19 protocol violations.

Brown, along with his teammate Mike Edwards and free agent wide receiver John Franklin III were all suspended without pay for the next three games as a result of "misrepresenting their vaccination status."

After news of the league's suspensions broke, many were left wondering why Brown, Edwards and Franklin were suspended and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers –– who recently tested positive for Covid-19 and fined for not following NFL protocols – was allowed to play.

According to Sports Illustrated, the reason falls within a thin line between what protocols were broken and how.

During the off-season Aaron Rodgers told reporters that he was "immunized" but admitted the remark was "misleading" as he's being considered by the NFL as an unvaccinated player.

In an interview, Rodgers made claims that he's allergic to an ingredient in two of the most widely available Covid-19 vaccines, but says he followed nearly every NFL protocol –– including getting tested every day –– "to the T," except the one about attending large gatherings as an unvaccinated person.

He received a $14,650 fine after he attended a Halloween party, and tested positive for Covid-19 days later but has been allowed to play. The Packers were also hit with a $300,000 fine for not following the protocols.

Antonio Brown was accused by a live-in chef of obtaining a fake vaccination card.

So what's the difference?

While Rodgers may have misled people about his vaccination status, he operated as an unvaccinated player –– getting those daily tests –– it was being at the party unvaccinated that hemmed him up.

In Brown's case, the wide receiver the league says he acted as a vaccinated player, and was accused of not really being vaccinated. A lawyer for Brown claims he is vaccinated, but it's not clear when he might have gotten the shot.

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