Wendy Raquel Robinson Talks 'The Game' Reboot, Going Viral & More

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On the latest episode of One Hundred, Ed Gordon spoke with actress Wendy Raquel Robinson about her enduring acting career, the power she's found behind the camera, and more.

The Los Angeles native, who made her acting debut on an episode of Martin in 1993, began the conversation by discussing two of the defining characters of her career: Tasha Mack, from The Game, and Regina "Piggy" Grier, from the Steve Harvey Show.

"They're both very powerful but very different," Robinson told Gordon, noting that Tasha came from more humble beginnings. "I love the spectrum that they both cover [...] Everybody loved Regina for her suits and with Tasha it was her was her wit, her sayings... her hashtags."

Robinson went on to discuss how her "big break," her love of theatre, her viral happy dance, and a whole lot more.

To hear Robinson and Gordon's full conversation, check out the podcast episode below.

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