Steph Curry Weighs In On Voting Rights: 'We've Got Some Work To Do'

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NBA star Steph Curry is lending his voice to raise awareness about voting rights and how the game has changed since last year's election.

"We've got some work to do," the Golden State Warrior frontman says in a video message released Wednesday (December 8) by the anti-corruption group, RepresentUs. The video's message calls on Congress to pass federal legislation to protect voters' rights ahead of the midterm election season.

"After a huge turnout in the 2020 election, 19 states enacted 33 different laws to make it hard for their citizens to vote," Curry said. "We need everyone to call their senators and tell them you want to see the Freedom to Vote Act passed, so we can all make our voices heard."

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act both passed in the House, but remain stalled in the Senate, despite efforts from Democrats.

Under the Freedom to Vote Act, all voters would have a minimum of 15 early voting days, same-day registration, and get expanded access to mail-in voting. The act would also make Election Day a federal holiday, among other measures to reduce barriers to the ballot.

Curry's push to Congress comes just days after the Department of Justice announced a lawsuit against Texas over its redrawn voting district maps. In the year since the November 2020 election, Republican lawmakers across the country have enacted dozens of laws distancing voters –– particularly Black, Latino, Indigenous, and low income voters –– from the polls.

From banning food and water distribution in poll lines, to restricting mail-in ballots, states have set up more work for advocates and voters ahead of the midterm season.

Passing the Freedom to Vote Act, RepresentUs CEO Josh Silver says, will be a "slam dunk for democracy."

"With the clock running out, we've got one last shot to pass this historic bill," Silver said. "And senators must do what it takes to pass it."

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