More Than Half Of Astroworld Victims' Families Decline Travis Scott's Offer

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More than half of the Astroworld Festival victims' families have declined Travis Scott's offer to pay for funeral costs, CNN reported.

At least six of the 10 victims' families have turned down the rapper's offer to cover funeral arrangement expenses. Some of the attorneys representing the victims' families say the offer was "inappropriate."

"I find offering to pay for funerals demeaning and inappropriate given the magnitude of the tragedy that unfolded," said Richard Mithoff, the attorney representing the family of 14-year-old John Hilgert who died at the concert.

"The Hilgerts are not about to allow someone to pay for their son's funeral. It was one of the last things they could do for their son," Mithoff added.

Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing the family of Axel Acosta echoed the sentiments, stating, "Travis Scott's offer to pay for funeral expenses was nothing but a publicity stunt. Why else would he inform the press of such an offer?"

"If he wanted to really do something to assuage the pain being felt by these families, he would shut the hell up and let them grieve," Buzbee told CNN.

"The Jurinek and Patino families saw right through Travis Scott and his team's offer for their son's funeral expenses. It was nothing more than a public relations stunt as it took both families about three seconds to say no," said Philip Corboy, Jr., who represents the families of Franco Patino and Jacob Jurinek.

The family of the youngest victim, nine-year-old Ezra Blount, also turned down the rapper's offer to pay for the funeral.

In an interview with Charlamagne tha God, Travis responded to the families' decision to decline his offer.

"All things are understandable, and, you know, at the time they're grieving, and they're trying to find understanding and, you know, they want answers," the rapper said. "I just wanted to make sure that they knew that I was there for them."

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