Damson Idris Responds After Denzel Washington Says He Doesn't Know Him

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Damson Idris has changed his Twitter name in the wake of an awkward red carpet moment when Denzel Washington was asked his thoughts on the budding star's viral impersonation of him. Turns out the veteran actor doesn't even know who "Dancin Address" is.

"Who?" the multi-award-winning actor replied when first asked about Idris while walking the red carpet for the premiere of A Journal for Jordan.

"Now, who are you talking about?" the Fences star said after The Source journalist Ebbony Pinilos completed her question about Damson's viral video. Shaking his head, Washington said, "I don't know who that is."

"I'm going to find out (who he is)" Denzel promised in the reposted to Twitter by @WrittenbyHanna, spurring a new meme and a hilarious reaction from Damson himself.

"Call me Dancin Address from now on. I won't answer to anything else," the Snowfall star tweeted Sunday (December 12).

Check out Damson's impersonation of Washington's famous laugh below.

To read Pinilos's full red carpet with Denzel Washington, click here.

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