Family Of Javier Ambler To Receive $5M Wrongful Death Settlement

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The family of Javier Ambler is set to receive a $5 million settlement after filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Williamson County, Texas.

Ambler, 40, died after telling police officers he couldn't breathe during a 2019 arrest. A police report says officers chased him in patrol cars after he didn't dim his headlights for oncoming traffic.

Officers –– along with a reality TV film crew who were riding along at the time –– chased Ambler for over 20 minutes. Previously released body camera footage showed officers tasing Ambler several times after they apprehended him.

The video also captures Ambler telling officers he couldn't breathe.

Ambler's family filed the wrongful death lawsuit last year, accusing deputies of starting the reckless chase for the TV show, Live PD.

Edwards Law, the firm representing the family in the lawsuit, tweeted Tuesday (December 14) that they "had reached a settlement that sends a message that ignoring a person's pleas that they cannot breathe will no longer be tolerated."

In a separate statement, Jeff Edwards, the family's attorney, said, that "while the Ambler family remains devastated by the loss of their son and loving father, they are proud that they fought for him."

The settlement is reportedly expected to be paid out in the next 14 days, with Ambler's children each receiving $1.5 million and his parents receiving $1 million each.

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