Ready To Mingle? These Are The Best U.S. Cities For Black Singles

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Some single Americans are always on the hunt for their next partner. Black people are no exception, especially when there are several destinations that may be better for dating than others.

That Sister, a website dedicated to positive Black content and listicles, found the best cities for Black singles to find a date. Some of these cities have great social opportunities, while others have a bustling work scene, or plenty of things to do, from bars and restaurants to shows and attractions.

There was no ranking order, so writers just laid the cities out and all the things that make it attractive for Black singles:

Atlanta, Georgia

Perks: Lots of jobs and opportunities, Black professionals, plenty of locations for socializing, shopping, eating, and drinking

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Washington D.C.

Perks: Great city for Black professionals, many work opportunities, Black people make up a third of D.C.'s population

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Chicago, Illinois

Perks: Many social opportunities, over 50 colleges and universities, lots of sporting events, concerts, bars, restaurants, and more

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New York, New York

Perks: Great nightlife, many attractions, vibrant cultures, home to Harlem and Brooklyn

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Houston, Texas

Perks: Low cost of living, huge population of young people and professionals, great nightlife, racially diverse

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Dallas, Texas

Perks: Low cost of living, amazing work opportunities

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If you're looking to travel overseas for a chance at love, writers also suggest Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Accra, Ghana, Cali, Colombia, and Panama City, Panama.

Click here to check out more details about each city's perks for Black singles.

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