Social Media Reacts To Taye Diggs' Hilarious Attempts At TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

Taye Diggs is known for playing some smooth-operating and sophisticated movie characters, but that doesn't seem to be completely transferring over to his personal TikTok account –– and people can't get enough.

From showing what he does while riding in the car by himself, to singing the viral TikTok sounds instead of using the actual sound, the Brown Sugar actor is clearly a fan of the short video social media platform and is showing off a rather goofy side to himself in the process.

One of the actor's most recent TikToks shows him "trying" to do some of the flashy transitions other influencers are known for. Instead of editing it, the actor takes us on a chaotic ride through his numerous, hilarious attempts.

"ICON trying...." the Best Man actor tweeted last week, reposting the now-viral video of the ordeal, while sporting a sweatshirt that most accurately describes his presence on the app –– DAD.

"Taye Diggs' entire TikTok account is pure chaos and comedy," Twitter user @BabyBKC98 wrote, reposting the 50-year-old's video of his solitary car ride.

"I really want someone to take Taye Diggs' phone away," @Yatande_ wrote on Twitter reposting yet another of the Newark native's filmed shenanigans.

While Taye Diggs might be transforming into "Uncle Taye" right before our eyes on TikTok, we hope he doesn't stop!

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