Initial Investigation Into Jussie Smollett Was 'Major Failure': Report

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Initial investigations into Jussie Smollett's 2019 hoax hate crime were a "major failure," a recently release report states.

Special Prosecutor Dan Webb was tapped to lead an investigation of how Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx and her office handled its investigation into the former Empire Star.

What Webb found were "operational mistakes" that led to the charges against Jussie initially being dropped. On Monday (December 20), Webb's full, 60-page report was released to the public and detailed the evidence of Foxx's "failures."

"I do believe that getting my report helps restores the public's confidence in our criminal justice system," Webb told ABC 7 Chicago.
"That is what I was asked to do. I have done it and now I am glad the report is going to be released."

Webb previously released an overview of his report a year ago, which outlined misconduct on Foxx's part including misleading and false statements by Foxx's Office.

According to Webb, original investigation documents stated that Jussie didn't have a criminal background, which was not true –– he had a DUI in which he reportedly lied and was sentenced to 24 month of probation.

Foxx's investigation said there were 5,700 similar cases, but Webb find only a few examples of similar cases.

The new report comes two weeks after a jury convicted the actor of staging the hate crime and lying to Chicago law enforcement about the incident.

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