Father-Son Duo Brings Financial Literacy To Black Families In Viral Videos

Photo: Getty Images

A father-son duo from North Carolina is bringing financial literacy to Instagram through their viral quiz videos.

Kyren Gibson and his son Kyng break down some basic financial literacy terms and skills in the viral social media videos where dad quizzes the young man on the lessons he's working hard to instill.

"Everything I do is to make sure he's better than me," Kyren Gibson told Matter of Fact. "I don't want him to be nothing like me, I want him to be two-times me, and I want his kids to be two-times him. That's the mission," Gibson explained, "breaking generational curses."

Gibson says his goal is not only help Kyng make better money decisions, but to help others, too.

"System racism is true and it's real, it's clear as day," he told the outlet. "But at the same time, I'm not going to sit there and let that hinder me to stop doing what I'm doing, or stop doing what we have to do."

Current data shows the American wealth gap has significantly widened since the 1980s –– driven in part due to redlining, mass incarceration, predatory lending, and more.

Kyren says he's working to help others build generational wealth. The duo penned the book, Generational Wealth Building, which features financial literacy activities for kids.

Through their efforts, the two have amassed 320,000 followers on Instagram.

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