Jack Harlow Wants The Cop Who Put Hands Around Black Woman's Neck Fired

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Jack Harlow is calling for the termination of a police officer who put his hands around a Black woman's neck during one of the rapper's recent concerts.

Footage of the incident surfaced online and shows Atlanta police officers blocking a Black woman from entering the venue to the "Industry Baby" rapper's concert on Tuesday (December 28). During the encounter, one of the officers puts his hands around the woman's neck.

According to TMZ, Jack has seen the video and spoke out against it.

"I was disgusted by that cop and all I wanted to do was make something good happen for this girl immediately... I told the world to help me identify her so I could find a way to give her a hug and give her as many tickets to as many shows as she wants," Jack told the outlet.

He added, "But that's not enough and it's not a solution to a systemic issue that people who don't look like me have to face. The next step is identifying the officer and getting him unemployed as fast as we can. Assaulting a young woman and putting his hands on her neck is sickening."

According to TMZ, the unidentified cop is a member of the Cobb County Police Department.

Jack –– who is on his Crème de la Crème Tour –– also acknowledged the support of Black women he receives.

"I look out into the crowd every night and see Black women in my front row ... screaming my lyrics, traveling to see me, supporting me, riding for me. I want this woman and every Black woman that supports me to know –– I am so sorry. I want you to be protected and I want this guy to lose his job so f––ing fast. I love you. Let's find this officer," he said.

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