Client Sends Racist Email After Finding Out Business Owner Is Black

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A Portland, Oregon business owner shared the racist email she received from a customer who demanded a refund once they found out they supported a Black owned business.

The business owner, TikTok user @royaltysonestopshop, started Royalty's One Stop Shop with the mission of making people feel "pretty and safe" with her fashionable self-defense items. One customer, however, no longer wanted to be a part of that mission once they found out a Black woman was behind it.

"Can you please cancel my order? Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that you're a person of color and I just don't like to support small business[es] that align with my version of support," the client wrote in the email, which was shared in a now-viral TikTok video, as reported by The Daily Dot.

"Before you start and go on a race tyrant, please be aware it [is] called my preference [...] Because we are all aware of how you people like to act when things do not go your way," the customer wrote, adding that the business owner should make clear on the website that it's Black-owned –– even though the site has a "About the Owner" page.

The person also alluded to MLK Day, writing, "Also, happy holiday. Isn't it you people holiday today?"

The video has received over 100,000 views, with other TikTok users voicing support for Royalty's One Stop Shop's owner and weighing in saying they wouldn't provide the refund.

"Sir/ma'am, seeing as how my race has nothing to do with the quality of my product, I cannot issue a refund," one user commented.

In a separate video, the business owner thanked TikTokers for their support, showing a pile of new orders she filled since posting the video of the email. At the time of this writing, all of the self-defense collection is listed as sold out.

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