Brian Flores Speaks Out After Filing Lawsuit Against NFL, Three Teams

Brian Flores spoke out Wednesday morning (February 2) a day after filing a class action lawsuit agains the NFL and three teams, accusing them of racial bias in hiring.

The lawsuit specifically called out New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick who mistakenly texted Flores a congratulatory message on the New York Giants coaching gig days before Flores was set to meet with the team. Belichick acknowledged the mistake, writing that he meant to text Brian Daboll –– the white coach who ended up getting the job.

Flores says the texts, and other incidents, prove racial bias in the NFL's hiring practices.

The 40-year-old, along with his attorneys spoke with CBS Mornings, describing the ordeal, which many in the sports world are hailing as a bold move toward change that's coming at the likely sacrifice of his future in coaching.

"It's been a tough 24 hours," Flores told the hosts of the show, before going on to thank supporters who've reached out to him.

Flores said he felt "humiliation, disbelief, frustration," going into the interview knowing that the Giants never intended to hire him in the first place.

His legal team is working to address the league's Rooney Rule –– which requires teams to interview a candidate of color when a head coaching job opens up –– Flores' says it's just a way "to check a box."

Flores is currently up for two additional NFL jobs and knows full well what filing the suit may do for his future.

"I want to coach, I'm gifted to coach... but this is much bigger than coaching," he said.

Flores has also claimed that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross agreed to pay him $100,000 for each loss this season to effectively get a better draft pick.

Flores said the offer was "an attack on the integrity of the game and I wouldn't stand for it," adding that his refusal to comply may be the reason he was terminated from the head coaching jobs just weeks ago.

Many have expressed their support for Flores, writing messages to detail the courage the coach has and how it may all change the game for good.

"I know I'm not the only one with a story to tell," Flores said, affirming that he does want to coach the game.

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