Whoopi Goldberg's Co-Hosts 'Furious' Over Her Suspension From 'The View'

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Whoopi Goldberg's co-hosts on The View are reportedly "furious" about her two-week suspension from the show.

ABC President Kim Godwin announced late Tuesday (February 1) that the 66-year-old would be on a two-week suspension "effectively immediately" because of on-air remarks she made about the Holocaust, which Godwin described as "wrong and hurtful."

While discussing a Tennessee school board's decision to ban an award-winning graphic novel that describes Nazi Germany during World War II, Goldberg said that the Holocaust "wasn't about race" but rather "man's inhumanity against man."

The co-host later apologized online, quoting Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League, who corrected Goldberg's statements by pointing out the "racialized anti-Semitism" Nazis used to systematically kill six million people.

According to reports, Goldberg's co-hosts, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Ana Navarro are upset she was suspended, while some inside the network called for her to be fired.

"I love Whoopi Goldberg. I love 'The View,'" Navarro told The Daily Beast Tuesday (February 1). "This was an incredible unfortunate incident. Whoopi is a lifelong ally to the Jewish community. She is not an anti-Semite, period. I am sad. And I have nothing else to say."

Greenblatt appeared on Don Lemon's show on CNN Tuesday evening, stating that while he can't "comment on ABC internal process," he hopes that Whoopi uses the suspension "for a process of introspection and learning."

"I don't believe in cancel culture," Greenblatt added. "I like the phrase my friend Nick Cannon uses, 'counsel culture.' We shouldn't cancel Whoopi because she made a mistake," he said.

"I heard Whoopi say she's committed to doing better. I accept her apology with the sincerity with which she delivered it," Greenblatt said.

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