Journalist Jacque Reid Talks Career And Veganism On 'One Hundred'

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On the latest episode of One Hundred, host Ed Gordon chats it up with award-winning journalist Jacque Reid on her years in the news business, changes in the industry and why she's an advocate for going vegan.

Reid has been in journalism for decades, serving as the lead news anchor for BET Nightly News from 2001 to 2005 and a morning anchor for CNN Headline News.

The Decatur, Georgia native revealed while growing in the South she saw "the brilliance of Black power [and] the power of Black people."

"I knew that Black people were amazing and special and we're supposed to be doing things at the highest level and that was my expectation no matter where I went," Reid, a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, shared.

As a little girl, Reid said she was torn between becoming a veterinarian and a journalist, and ultimately chose journalism. Some of her current ventures, however, allow her to fuse her love of animals with journalism.

"We have to know the stories behind all of the products we buy, including and especially our food," Reid said, sharing that she researched what goes on in the factory farming industry, "it is ugly," she said.

Hear more about Reid's journey in journalism and vegan advocacy by clicking the link above.

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