Bank Of America Names Victor Branch First Black President Of Richmond Area

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Victor Branch is no stranger to supporting the Richmond, Virginia community –– be it through his service on nonprofit boards or engaging local business partnerships.

He's continuing to do that work and more as the first Black president of Bank of America's Richmond region.

"Richmond is reinventing itself, and I can't overstate how proud I am of Bank of America. We're making a real difference, helping people from diverse communities make the most of the transformations taking place," Branch said in a statement.

The 38-year Bank of America veteran now oversees nearly 2,000 employees at 25 locations throughout Richmond and surrounding cities, Black Enterprise reported. Branch is also responsible for $4 million in marketing sponsorships and grants at the state level.

He also helped push Bank of America to expand its five-year commitment to $1.25 billion in an initiative he says is focused on creating opportunities in healthcare, create more affordable housing options, support small businesses and help individuals train for jobs in new industries.

Branch told Black Enterprise much of the $450 million he's already invested across 93 US and global markets has gone to local-level initiatives, like the $1 million commitment he made to Virginia Union University.

"We believe it is also where significant change is required for progress to occur and to be sustained," he told the outlet. "We're working with community partners, business leaders, experts and academics to drive progress."

Click HERE to learn more about how Branch and Bank of America are lending their support to strengthen Richmond.

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