WATCH: This Black Professional Snowboarder Uses Friend As Ramp

Photo: Getty Images

All eyes are on the Beijing Winter Olympics as the world's top athletes compete in frigid temperatures for all the cold sports. But viewers shouldn't forget to watch out for other professional athletes competing at the annual Winter X Games.

One Black professional snowboarder in particular is making the internet buzz after he used his friend and fellow athlete as a human ramp for a daring, jaw-dropping trick.

Zeb Powell took the Knuckle Huck event to the extreme using his friend Luke Winklemann to complete the trick that requires snowboarders to fly down a slope before they have to make complete a small jump that puts them a few feet into the air.

Laying in the snow, Winklemann planted his board at a precise 45 degree angle as Powell's required ramp. Check it out below.

Every year sine 2002, the X Games has rolled out an icy carpet for extreme sport athletes to compete in the Winter X Games. This year, the games are being held in Aspen, Colorado.

Powell is no stranger to the games, having earned a Gold medal in the Knuckle Huck event in 2020. Learn more about the North Carolina native and his signature heart-shaped shades below.

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