Bank Of America Donates $1M To Support Motown Museum Expansion

Photo: Getty Images

An iconic piece of Black culture is under construction, preserving a piece of our musical history by expanding its physical building.

Construction on the legendary Motown Museum, also known as Hitsville, U.S.A. located in Detroit is currently in its second of three expansion phases, and has received support from Bank of America to the tune of $1 million dollars, brining the project one step close to its $55 million dollar goal.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the fund for historical site's expansion is now at $38 million.

"A vibrant community is fueled by its artistic and cultural centers, and in Detroit, there's no better place than the Motown Museum," Matt Elliott, President of Bank of America Michigan, said in a statement.

The expansion, Elliott added, "not only celebrates the Motown legacy, but will also spur new investment and tourism, aligning with our pledge to support initiatives that help create economic mobility."

The project is turning three homes next to the museum, known as Hitsville Next, into education and creative programming sites, while the second phase, which started last fall, is creating a plaza in front of the museum.

Construction on all three phases are set to be finished in the summer. For now, the museum is closed.

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