Dave Chappelle Threatens To End Investments If Affordable Housing Is Built

At a council meeting Monday night (February 7) residents of a small Ohio town expressed their concerns about plans for the city to build an affordable housing development. Among those in attendance was comedian Dave Chappelle, who expressed his disagreement towards the idea.

Video captured Chappelle threatening to remove his business investments out of Yellow Springs –– a place he grew up as a kid and currently lives –– if the city council moved forward with affordable housing program.

According to the Dayton Daily News, the affordable housing would've included duplexes on a 53-acre plot of land. Instead, the Council voted 2-2 to move forward with building $300,000 single-family houses without the affordable housing program.

"I cannot believe you would make me audition for you," Chappelle said at the meeting while taking the mic. "You look like clowns."

"I am not bluffing," he said later. "I will take it all off the table."

Matthew Kirk, another resident who disagreed with the affordable housing option, said that the city should've built two separate developments because affordable housing, he said, "attracts different homebuyers."

In December 2021, Chappelle again expressed his disagreement with affordable housing development, telling the council at the time, "I just want to say that I am adamantly opposed to it."

"I have invested millions of dollars into this town. If you push this thing through, what I'm investing is no longer applicable."

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