Prosecutors Ask For Reduced Sentence For Daunte Wright's Killer

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Prosecutors in Minnesota filed a request this week to request a prison sentence below the state's guidelines for the ex-cop who fatally shot Daunte Wright during an April 2021 traffic stop.

In a court filing, prosecutors are no longer seeking a longer-than-usual prison sentence for Kimberly Potter, the former Brooklyn Center cop who grabbed her gun while yelling, "Taser." Instead, they are seeking a sentence just over seven years, which falls under the state's sentencing guidelines.

"The presumptive sentence takes into account the main elements of the convictions: the death of Daunte Wright and Defendant's recklessness," prosecutor Matt Frank wrote in the filing, according to The Associated Press.

Potter's attorneys are seeking an even less sentence, including only getting probation.

Potter is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday (February 18) after being convicted of first-degree manslaughter in December.

During the trial, Potter testified that the rookie cop she was supervising at the time pursued the stop on Wright's vehicle for air fresheners hanging from his rearview mirror and expired tags.

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