19 Texas Cops Indicted In George Floyd Protest Use Of Force Investigation

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A Texas grand jury indicted a group of 19 police officers for their actions during 2020 protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd, The Associated Press reported.

The officers were charged of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as protesters came forward severely injured by rubber bullets and more. This grand jury indictment marks the highest number of officers in a single department to be charged for their actions during the nationwide, months-long protests nearly two years ago.

In addition to the indictment, the City of Austin agreed to pay $10 million to two individuals injured by police in the protests. One of whom is a college student who suffered brain damage after a cop shot him with a bean bag round.

"Our community is safer when our community trusts enforcement," Travis County DA Jose Garza told reporters Thursday (February 17). "When it believes law enforcement follows that law and protects the people who live here," Garza added. "There cannot be trust if there is no accountability when law enforcement breaks the law."

So far, the officers have not been identified, as required by state law which says an indictment must remain secret until an officer is officially arrested.

In terms of sentencing, the charges –– assault with a deadly weapon –– when committed by police, carries up to a life prison sentence.

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