Serena Williams Calls Out 'New York Times' For Photo Mistake

Photo: Getty Images

The New York Times offered an apology to tennis champion Serena Williams after the publication used a a photo of her sister, fellow tennis star Venus Williams for a story about her.

The story was celebrating Serena's feat of raising $111 million for a new venture capital fund, Serena Ventures. The photo error did not appear on the NYT's website version of the story.

"No matter how far we come, we get reminded that it's not enough," Serena tweeted Wednesday morning (March 2). "This is why I raised $111M for @serenaventures. To support the founders who are overlooked by engrained systems woefully unaware of their biases. Because even I am overlooked."

"You can do better, @nytimes," the 23-time Grand Slam winner ended the tweet.

The Times offered an apology on Twitter saying, "This was our mistake."

"It was due to an error when selecting photos for the print edition, and did not appear online," the official NYT Business account posted. "A correction will appear in tomorrow's paper."

As far as Serena's investment and venture endeavors, as the Times noted, she's "already an active angel investor with a portfolio of 60 companies that includes SendWave, MasterClass, and Daily Harvest."

She also partnered with Michael B. Jordan to invest $1 million for an HBCU pitch competition.

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