Tucker Carlson Goes On Racist Rant About SCOTUS Nom Ketanji Brown Jackson

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In yet another racist rant against a Black woman, Fox News host Tucker Carlson turned his unwanted attention to Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Carlson continued to express his outrage this week over the fact that Judge Jackson is a few Senate judiciary committee votes away from becoming the first Black woman to serve in the nation's high court. The 52-year-old TV personality demanded to see Judge Jackson's LSAT scores to determine her qualifications for the role.

As several legal experts have pointed out, the LSAT –– the law school admissions test –– is not a measure of someone's prowess to practice law.

On top of that, Carlson purposefully mispronounced Judge Jackson's name –– a racist tactic Republicans used against Vice President Kamala Harris while she was on the campaign trail in 2020 and continue to do so.

"So is Kentanji Brown Jackson –– a name that even Joe Biden has trouble pronouncing –– one of the top legal minds in the entire country?" Carlson said, mispronouncing Ketanji.

"So it might be time for Joe Biden to let us know what Kentaji Brown Jackson's LSAT score was," he added, continuing to mispronounce her name. "Wonder how she did on the LSATs? Why won't he tell us that? That would settle the question conclusively as to whether she is a once-in-a-generational legal talent, the next Learned Hand."

Twitter erupted over Carlson's comments, calling out the host's continued egregious racism.

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