Aretha Franklin's Granddaughter Responds To 'American Idol' Decision

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Aretha Franklin's granddaughter, Grace Franklin, is opening up about her American Idol audition in which Katy Perry got up and walked away. The 16-year-old was not invited to continue on in the singing competition, a decision that shocked viewers and the "Electric" singer judge so much she walked off set.

"I'm a good artist, I know that," Grace, joined by her dad, Aretha's son Kecalf Cunningham, told TMZ, "but I do know that I need to work on some things."

Idol judge Lionel Richie beamed when the teen revealed who her famous grandmother is during the audition. Ultimately, the Commodores front man told Grace that he couldn't give her a "yes" right now to avoid a "crash and burn" to her musical career.

"Trust me," Richie said, "If you go and put the shyness behind you and the voice in front of you, you are going to be something amazing."

Grace took on her grandmother's iconic ballad "Ain't No Way" as part of her audition.

Grace's dad told TMZ he was proud of his daughter for stepping out of her comfort zone and going after her dreams.

As far as coming back to American Idol, the teen told the outlet it's probably not going to happen, explaining that she'd rather release music while working on her craft.

Grace also revealed that multiple producers and artists have reached out to her for collaborations. American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson also reached out to the young Franklin, encouraging her to keep going.

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