Black Man Sues Police After Officers Run Him Over With Patrol Car

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A Black man is suing officers with the Radcliffe Police Department in Kentucky after being run over by one of their patrol cars during a foot chase.

Anthony Gray filed a federal lawsuit against the involved officers, the city of Radcliffe, and police supervisors who he says did not properly train or supervise other officers. His lawsuit accuses the cops of using excessive, unreasonable force last year.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, Radcliffe police were contacted in September 2021 by an employee by the Gold Vault Inn who said Gray wouldn't leave when asked. Officer Robert Stephens arrived at the scene to find Gray already walking out of the motel's parking lot. The lawsuit says that all that needed to be done in that moment was to ensure Gray kept walking away.

Instead, the lawsuit says Stephens got out of his police car to talk to Gray when suddenly, the officer grabbed Gray's arm. Gray turned and ran away from Stephens in response.

Police bodycam footage shows that Gray did not make any verbal threats and Gray yelled out to Stephens that he was unarmed.

Another officer, Justin Skaggs joined the pursuit as Stephens chased Gray. Skaggs was driving in a patrol car and caught up to Gray when the cop intentionally turned the steering wheel towards Gray, hitting him and running over his left leg, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit argues that the maneuver Skaggs used –– known as a precision intervention technique –– is only supposed to be used on another car and in particular circumstances. The lawsuit says that supervisors "investigated" the incident but did not proceed with disciplinary actions or additional training, and even said the officers didn't do anything wrong.

"Skaggs misconduct was captured on his body camera, and shows indisputably his intentional use of a lethal weapon –– his vehicle –– to arrest Gray's flight," the lawsuit says.

Gray was charged with trespassing and alcohol intoxication in public, those charges are pending, the Herald Leader reported.

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