Paula Patton Gets Fried Online After Sharing Chicken Recipe In Viral Video

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Paula Patton has the internet in flames after sharing her mother's fried chicken recipe.

Fried chicken, like many classic recipes, can be a contentious dish to recreate, let alone broadcasting how you go about making it –– it's like volunteering to make the mac-and-cheese for the holidays; expectations and criticism will be high. But that didn't stop the Jumping the Broom star from letting everyone in on how she does things in the kitchen.

The actress walked her social media followers through the steps she takes to fry chicken which include cleaning or rinsing the meat off and adding seasoning while they're crisping in the pan, and social media went ablaze.

The video has been shared to TikTok and Twitter where it's picked up six million views, and plenty of commentary.

The actress posted a video on Tuesday (April 5) addressing the controversial chicken recipe, where she let everyone know she appreciates suggestions but that the recipe is here to stay.

"I just wanted to respond and say, listen, I get it, it might look crazy," she says in the new video –– posted from Mexico. "It is the way we do it. My mom taught me, it is my mom's recipe," she added before clarifying that, "I do believe in washing the chicken, and maybe the way the video was editing, it looks like I don't wash it long enough, but I definitely do, because I feed it to my son."

Check out her full response below.

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