4-Year-Old Dies After Being Fatally Shot By 2-Year-Old Brother

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A two-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his younger sister inside of a car parked at a Pennsylvanian gas station, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

On Tuesday (April 5), an infant boy was “handling a gun inside of a vehicle” when he fired at his 4-year-old sister outside of the Eagle Save Mart in Chester, Pennsylvania.

After witnesses nearby heard the gunshot, the wounded toddler was immediately taken to a local hospital, where she was soon after pronounced dead.

According to CBS Philadelphia, onlookers say the siblings’ father was outside of the car when his son pulled the trigger on the unsecured gun. However, locals noted that the young children are always in their father's company.

"It was a morning ritual, I'd see them every morning," Theodore Thaddeus Crump said. "He was a good dude. He went to work every day.” Crump added, “He kept his kids right there beside him. It's the number one thing that he did, OK. Their dad was a very beautiful man."

Chester Police and Deleware County detectives are continuing to investigate the fatal incident.

Deleware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Everybody in the community of Chester, in Delaware County, myself included, all of us are just heartbroken to think of what happened to this poor child.”

Everytown for Gun Safety, an advocacy group, reports that there have been at least 51 unintentional shootings by children in the U.S this year, resulting in 17 deaths and 38 injuries.

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