Man Charged After Running Woman Over In Road Rage Attack

Photo: Getty Images

A New Jersey man was charged with attempted murder after he ran over a woman with his car multiple times in what police are describing as a road rage incident.

According to reports, Vincent Jean of Elizabeth was driving backwards down a one-way street to avoid rush hour traffic Tuesday morning (April 12) when he crashed into a woman's car. Jean then followed the woman in his car before attempting to flee the scenes, witnesses told NBC News 4 New York. After the 23-year-old woman began taking photos of his car, Jean, 56, allegedly ran the woman over, put his car in reverse, and drove over her again.

A neighbor's home security system caught the disturbing incident on camera.

"He ran over her. Ran over her three times," a witness told the outlet. "How could you do a thing like this? It was a fender bender, that's all."

Authorities found Jean in his damaged SUV some time later, and arrested him. He now faces multiple charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault, and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

The woman was found by responding police officers "lying on the front lawn of a residence ... suffering from numerous severe injuries," prosecutors said. She was listed as in critical but stable condition as of Thursday (April 14), a spokesperson from Elizabeth City Hall said in a statement.

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