Carolina Panthers LB Damien Wilson Arrested In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Carolina Panthers line backer Damien Wilson was arrested in Frisco, Texas last week after his ex-girlfriend said he threatened to kill her.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Wilson faces one charge of assault with bodily injury of a family member. Wilson's ex-girlfriend, Ryan Sokolosky, told the outlet he came to her apartment drunk and enraged, before he threatened to take her life while holding a tire iron, and destroyed her laptop.

Sokolosky said Wilson choked her friend who was also at the apartment and the football player damaged her patio in the process. She shared photos of the damaged laptop and patio with the Morning News, adding that she feared for her life at the time.

Wilson's attorney, Toby Shook, denied Sokolosky's allegations. "Damien Wilson did not commit any type of assault," Shook told Morning News reporter Michael Williams. "We look forward to all the facts coming out so his name can be cleared."

Wilson signed with the Panthers in March and was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys in 2015. A Panthers teams spokesperson revealed the team is aware of the arrest, but made no further comment.

According to The Bleacher Report, Wilson was arrested in 2017 after being accused of backing a truck into a woman and threatening a man with a rifle. A grand jury decided not to indict Wilson on aggravated assault charges at the time.

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