Kroger Employee Opens Fire On Two Customers After Refusing To Help Them

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A Kroger employee in Memphis was arrested after police say he opened fire on a customer and her 12-year-old daughter who asked for help locating seasoning.

According to WREG News, a mother and her child were shopping at the Kroger grocery store on Frayser Boulevard on April 12 when they asked 67-year-old Donald Fields where to find chicken seasoning. After Fields refused to help them, the woman told Fields he wasn't doing his job, which upset him, police reported.

An incident report indicates that during their shopping trip, Fields told the 12-year-old he wanted to put two $20 bills between her chest. Security asked Fields to clock out of his shift and leave the store.

That's when police say Fields waited in the parking lot for the woman and her daughter to leave the store. Fields told the woman he wanted to kill her, a crime report says.

The mother and daughter hurried to their car and attempted to leave when they noticed Fields barreling towards them in his car at a high speed while holding a black handgun. Fields fired several shots in their direction, a police report states.

Fields chased them in his vehicle until they made it to Interstate 40, the outlet reported. Police said the incident caused two additional accidents.

Fields was arrested and taken into police custody on Tuesday (April 19) and faces multiple charges including reckless endangerment and three counts of attempted murder.

Kroger released a statement to WREG that states the following:

"At Kroger, Safety is one of our core values and is our top priority for our customers and associates. We are grateful for our on-site security team for moving quickly to help. We are currently working with the Memphis Police Department to assist with this ongoing investigation."

No bond has been set for Fields at this time.

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