Romeo Miller Talks New Film, Relationship Red Flags, Fatherhood & More

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Romeo Miller is sharing some advice on boundaries and relationships after co-starring alongside Michelle Williams and Tina Knowles-Lawson in the must-see Lifetime thriller WRATH: A Seven Deadly Sins movie executive produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes.

The Black Information Network caught up with the actor-entrepreneur who gave us a peek behind the scenes of the film, his upcoming projects, fatherhood, and more.

WRATH premiered on Lifetime on April 16 and follows the story of successful corporate attorney Chastity Jeffries played by singer-author Michelle Williams who meets Xavier (Antonio Cupo) –– the seemingly perfect guy. Chastity soon realizes though, that Xavier's affection has turned into an obsession and must get some help from her childhood love, Roger, played by Romeo, who also owns a karate dojo.

We first wanted to know what made the Rap Snacks CEO get involved with this project and if he actually does karate in real life.

"When I did [Jumping the Broom] I said if there's one person in this industry who if they hit me up for a project, I would do it like that, it was Bishop T.D. Jakes because his movies and everything he puts his name on, it's not just entertaining, but you also learn a valuable lesson at the end," Romeo shared.

"And I think that's very important while chasing your dreams and in your career. It has to be purpose-driven," he added.

As for the martial arts training he shows off in the movie –– it's the real deal.

"Yeah, well a lot of people don't know, I did a lot of martial arts growing up," Romeo revealed. "You know, I have my green belt, and all of that," he said but didn't go further because of his music career, "but I've been boxing for over 15 years."

On set, Romeo shared that he got "straight to work" with training alongside Michelle Williams and Antonio Cupo, who actually took a couple of accidental uppercuts, courtesy of Romeo.

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The film dives into boundaries, red flags, and relationships, so we asked Romeo to share some of his thoughts on what to watch out for when dating.

People will "see the big red flag, and they'll still go that way because of their selfish needs or wants. And I always tell people, "You may want something, but God knows what's best for you," Romeo advised.

In terms of his own red flags, the philanthropist said "people gotta be aware of when you say no. Be observant how people react when you say no because you're always gonna get a good side if you're always doing something for somebody. But pay attention when you say no, and that's gonna tell you a lot."

He also said he looks out for people with a "vendetta attitude."

"I pay attention," he said. "If somebody has a vendetta attitude, they gotta get you back, they gotta get revenge, I go the opposite."

Romeo is busy with several projects including a new initiative called Soldier Snacks he's taking on with his dad, the legendary Percy "Master P" Miller, to provide support to veterans and their families.

As a new dad himself, Romeo says he's "excited about this new chapter" and was inspired to start Drewy Co –– something he says will make it "easy for [parents] to shop for your baby" and set to be released for the end of the year.

Check out Lifetime to catch WRATH.

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