Trump Forced To Pay Omarosa $1.3 Million: Here's Why

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Former President Donald Trump's presidential campaign has to hand over $1.3 million to cover Omarosa's legal expenses.

According to ABC News, New York arbitrator T. Andrew Brown awarded the million to former White House aid Omarosa on Tuesday (April 19).

In 2018, Trump filed an arbitration complaint against Omarosa after she released a tell-all book exposing his administration. Trump claimed that the book "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House" violated the confidentiality agreement Omarosa signed in 2016 as a White House aid.

In the book, Omarosa called Trump a racist and claimed he was in "real and serious" mental decline, ABC News reports.

However, Brown ruled that Trump's contract with Omarosa was "unenforceable" and void this past September.

According to Brown, the confidentiality agreement Omarosa signed was "highly problematic" and didn't meet usual legal standards with its "vague and indefinite" language.

During Tuesday's ruling, the New York arbitrator said the former Celebrity Apprentice star was "defending herself in a claim which was extensively litigated for more than three years, against an opponent who undoubtedly commanded far greater resources than did Respondent."

Omarosa's lawyer tweeted after Brown's decision, "$1.3 Million Attorney Fee and Cost Order Against the Trump Campaign Issued! (Highest known prevailing party attorney fee assessment against a President or Presidential Campaign)."

Under Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, Omarosa served as director of communications for the Office of Public Liason. However, she reportedly left her role due to tension with former Chief of Staff John Kelly.

A spokesperson for Trump's campaign told ABC News that the former president plans to appeal the order.

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