Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton Join Forces To Bid On Chelsea Football Club

Photo: Getty Images

Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton are looking to become the next owners of the renowned Chelsea Football Club. According to reports, the tennis champion and Formula 1 phenom have each pledged millions in a bid to buy the club.

Williams and Hamilton are joining forces with famed British businessman Martin Broughton and a team of investors in an effort to purchase the club from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, Reuters reported. Abramovich recently put the team up for sale following the British government's sanctions on financial assets closely tied with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Some outlets reported that Hamilton and Williams each pledged $13 million to join the group, but reps for the driving superstar told TMZ the figure is somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars. Just last year, Hamilton earned an estimated $82 million while Williams reportedly brought in $46 million in 2021.

Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris and New Jersey Devils owner David Blitzer, are also among the other investors, the outlet reported.

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905 and competes in the highest football division on a global level. The club has six league titles and five League Cups, among other accolades.

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