Former 'Making The Band' Star Arrested For Sex Trafficking

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Former MTV Making the Band star Chopper has been arrested on sex trafficking charges, Nevada law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ.

The outlet reported that Chopper was arrested in Maryland earlier this month before being extradited to Nevada to face the sex trafficking charges in Las Vegas. Legal docs obtained by TMZ show that Chopper direct messaged an undercover detective who posed as a sex worker on Instagram. The message reportedly contained an offer to make money through prostitution.

After authorities searched through Chopper's social media accounts, they found several posts and messages that discussed prostitution and pimping. One post showed him inside of a plane on the phone with the caption, "Sending em" with a money bag and crown emoji.

Law enforcement said they launched an investigation after seeing several similar posts they believe hinted at a potential sex trafficking operation. The detective who went undercover said Chopper repeatedly bragged about traveling a lot and multiple homes across the US including in Vegas –– where Chopper said himself it wasn't a good idea to do business because police were cracking down on illegal activities.

The undercover detective reported successfully passing a "test" with Chopper over the phone who then said he would add them to his "team" and "stable." After that, the detective reported that Chopper became more aggressive over the phone and ordered them to go to Charlotte, North Carolina to join his "stable."

The detective stalled, stating they were scared to leave home at which point Chopper attempted to verbally force them to make the trip and demanded a $2,000 fee.

Authorities say Chopper's social media posts and messages, phone calls, and the demand for a fee were enough to arrest him for felony sex trafficking.

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