Police Union Defends Officer Who Shot and Killed Patrick Lyoya

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A Michigan city's police union is fully backing the officer who shot and killed Patrick Lyoya during the April 4 traffic stop, ABC News reports.

"[An] officer has the legal right to protect themselves and community in a volatile dangerous situation such as this, in order to return to his/her family at the end of their shift,” the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association said while calling Lyoya's death "tragic."

On Monday (April 25), Michigan police chief Eric Winstrom identified Christopher Schurr as the officer who aimed the trigger at the back of Lyoya's head — he previously refused to name the cop unless he was charged with a crime.

Released footage of the incident shows Lyoya pinned face down on the ground as Schurr orders the 26-year-old to remove his hands from the officer's taser.

According to the union's Facebook, the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association "stands with Officer Schurr and will continue to give him and his family whatever support they need.”

This comes as Grand Rapids erupts with protests demanding Schurr be fired and indicted.

"Whose city? Our city! Whose streets? Our streets!" people yelled outside of Tuesday's (April 27) City Commission meeting.

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