White Customer Slaps Black Pizza Shop Employee, Yells Racial Slur

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An Oklahoma woman is facing charges weeks after she physically and verbally attacked a Black Little Caesar's employee because the store ran out of "Crazy Bread."

According to Black Wall Street Times, Rachel Scheuerman slapped a Black teenager and called him a racial slur after she ordered two pizzas and "Crazy Bread" in the Oklahoma Little Caesar's drive-thru.

Ronald "Skip" Kelly, the assaulted employee's attorney told KFOR, "They didn't have any of the Crazy Bread. She just kind of went foul about the whole issue."

Scheuerman, 71, reportedly yelled, "Are you serious!" after discovering the store was out of "Crazy Bread." When the woman pulled up to the window, "she proceeds to call him the 'N-word.' She don't just call him the 'N-word.' She prefaces with 'you f-ing N-word," Kelly said.

After hurling racial slurs, Scheuerman asked the Black teen, "Did that hurt you?" The employee replied no, and the 71-year-old woman got out of her car and slapped the Little Caesar's employee twice.

When the manager asked Scheuerman what happened after the violent incident, she reportedly said, "I harassed him like I always do."

The Black employee and his mother filed a police report on March 30, but Scheuerman wasn't charged for weeks after the attack.

Kelly said, “If this child would have done anything to this lady, his mother and father would have to have him in a juvenile arraignment within 48 hours, I guarantee it. There is clearly an unbalance."

The lawyer added, “Any African American student or kid that went into an establishment and slapped a White person upside the head, they would’ve been arrested that same day.”

On April 14, Scheuerman was charged with "malicious harassment based on race." She could face up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine, Newsweek reports.

Kelly told Newsweek, "The frustration was the fact that it happened in the first place and then the fact that it took so long for law enforcement to make a decision as to what they were going to do as far as holding this lady accountable."

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