Former NFL Player Cato June Says Son Taunted With Racist Chants At Game

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Former Indianapolis Colts linebacker Cato June is speaking out after he says his son was taunted with racist chants at a youth baseball game in Texas.

June took to Twitter on Monday (May 2) explaining that his son, Cato Jr., was pitching during the game on Sunday (May 1) and was met with "monkey chants" from the opposing team. The former NFL player noted that the game included kids aged 14 years and younger.

"I am here in Indy and they are in Texas so my wife called me during the inning going off," June, who is currently an assistant coach with the Colts, wrote. "I am crushed they were subjected to just plain old hate."

June praised his son for how he reacted to the situation, stating that Cato Jr. handled it "with more class than I ever could have," but that the incident still hurt the teen.

"Hate is taught and the fact that people are poisoning young minds further infuriated me," the 42-year-old father and Super Bowl champion wrote. "He said he felt along out there as the only black kid playing and only his mom there to have his back."

"I told him that you are never alone because God has us covered!" June wrote. "All praises to the most high."

A representative from the opposing team accused of making the monkey noises spoke to TMZ and said that the players were only "making distracting noises" that had no racist intentions.

"The kids were making distracting noises just like they do in any other dugout with any other pitcher, none of which were racial slurs," the rep told the outlet. "We as an organization would never tolerate any behavior in this manner."

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